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Mariblu Guesthouse

Mariblu Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse

Mariblu Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse

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MARIBLU GOZO LTD. welcomes you to the islands of Gozo, Malta and Comino.

Gozo is the island in the middle of the Mediterranean, where time stood still and where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our island offers, culture, countryside, sun and sea together with lots of friendship and hospitality.

This is what makes Gozo unique and why it is really worth a visit. No wonder why many come with the idea of just a short holiday and

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end up falling in love with the island and its people, to the extent of buying their retirement home in our lovely little island. At our family run Mariblu Guesthouse (Bed & Breakfast), you will find a warm welcome and you will immediately feel at home as you will be accepted as a new member of our ever growing family.

Our company, “Mariblu Gozo Ltd” offers complete holidays to our island and offers all the holiday services, from airport transfers, car hire, various types of accommodation, cuisine, cruises, jeep safaris, walking tours, mountain biking, diving, and many other excursions both for groups as well as for individuals.



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Book the holiday of your choice from the ones below or let us know what you like to do on your holiday and we will be more than glad to please you. For more information concerning these types of holidays, click on the respective links in the table below:

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