Why us?

Reasons to choose us and to visit our beautiful Islands

Why stay at Mariblu Guesthouse?

The Mariblu Guesthouse is family run and welcomes its visitors and treats them like family members. Though our place is classified as a guesthouse it has 3 star hotel facilities with a friendly and personal service that is not common in hotels with higher classification.
Our rooms are very spacious and all have ensuite bathrooms as well as fridge, tea/coffee facilities, air conditioning, TV and free Wi-Fi. Daily maid service is provided. At the Mariblu you may also book a studio apartment or family suite with kitchenette, on self catering basis (with all other services offered but excluding breakfast and daily maid service). Our restaurant is classified as one of the top restaurants on the island. Adjoining the restaurant is our Pizzeria as well as lounge and bar.

Residents have the facilities of outdoor swimming pool and a very large sundeck area with sunbeds and umbrellas. The atmosphere is very relaxed and tranquil, typical of the local village life. The MARIBLU offers more than one usually expects and this is what we and our customers like, to have more than you can expect, rather than the contrary.

Public transport to and from the Guesthouse is quite regular as we are on the route from the ferry to the town of Victoria with bus stops right in front of our doorway. Like many others, you will find out that the MARIBLU will be your home away from home.

Maria and Frankie will be glad to host you and make you feel most welcome.

How do I get here?

Malta is just about 2.30 hrs away by flights from most airports in Europe. The Local Airline, Airmalta, flies on daily basis from the major airports. Besides, other International Airlines also have daily connection to Malta International Airport.
Low cost airlines such as RyanAir, EasyJet or WizzAir operate to Malta as well.

So look out for the very low cost flight tickets from these airlines which will make it more easy and much cheaper for you to get to Malta.

Getting from Malta Airport to the Mariblu or booked  accommodation and back to the airport:

1. There are various options to get from the airport to Gozo. At the airport you may take the direct Arriva bus to Cirkewwa ferry port which takes you to Gozo. Then from Gozo you may take the Arriva bus to the Mariblu Guesthouse. There is a bus stop right infront of the Mariblu.

2. There is also a transfer shuttle bus to Cirkewwa ferry port.

3. Private taxi service that can be booked by us. Price depends on the number or persons.

Early bookings are necessary to avoid disappointment. Once you get your tickets and our confirmation, we will take care of all the rest.

Why should I visit the Maltese Islands?

Malta, Gozo and Comino are the little islands, south of Sicily and they are located at the most southern part of the EU. With its central location in the Mediterranean, the islands have always been considered of great importance in terms of their strategic location, offering a stronghold in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Maltese Islands were conquered by all the most important civilizations and powers that ruled the Ancient World, namely the Romans, the Carthaginians, the Arabs, the Normans, the Spanish, the Knights of St. John, the French and the English.

All these powers have left their influence on our culture and heritage and the fact that we were ruled by so many different nations, has made our people capable of adjusting themselves to new situations and conditions. Moreover, these cultural influences facilitated the ever increasing ability to communicate and welcome any nationality. Our hospitality was even noted by St. Paul who was shipwrecked on our island in the year 60 A.D. while our islands were under the control of the Romans. In the Acts of the Apostles, written by the Evangelist St. Luke on his journey with St. Paul to Rome, wrote in detail about the great hospitality shown by the people of the Islands”. This hospitality is still one of our people’s main traits and it is this value that makes all the visitors most welcome.

Each power has left its influence and heritage and one can see this in our language which has basically Arabic and semetic origins. The first settlers were the Phoenicians who came from the Middle East. Later on the European Powers also influenced the development of the Maltese language. In fact, one can notice that many Italian, French and English words are found and heard in our language.

The Maltese Islands are like a big treasure chest, endowed with a rich history and culture. In spite of our very small size, they come second to none as they hold gems from all times and from all nations. Even Homer himself wrote about Ulysses being shipwrecked on Gozo, the Island of Calypso. Many other great writers were enchanted by our beautiful and rich history.

The Maltese history, culture and hospitality are the three biggest gems in the treasure chest that make the Maltese Islands unique and really worth a visit.

Why Gozo?

Gozo is the island where time stood still and where you can still enjoy the same views that the prehistoric people used to enjoy. Fortunately, most of the island is still unspoilt by modern development. It is the second largest island in the Maltese Archipelago with a population of about 30,000 persons. It shares the same history and culture like that of Malta, but its real small size and small population makes Gozo a more tranquil island where the villages still hold their identity and diversity. Besides, all villages in Gozo are separated by farmland and this makes the island a healthier one to live in as the air is still very pure and unpolluted. The large spaces between the villages create a sense of freedom and relaxation. Some of the villages are like old hamlets dominated by the village church which is always the centre of attraction of every village.
Here hospitality is even more felt as if you ask someone to give you directions to your destination, a local person might even offer to take you there! This is one thing that makes living in Gozo worthwhile and one feels immediately at home when visiting this island.

One might think that Gozo is isolated as it can be reached by a pleasant 20 minute ferry crossing, but this is to the island’s advantage. In fact, in spite of all, the Gozitans, as the people from Gozo are called, strongly oppose to the construction of a bridge to connect the two islands. We are proud to be Gozitans and this is how we still want to remain to preserve our identity and peace that can only be found like in the days gone by.

Most of the inhabitants are farmers or part time farmers and this is what keeps the island in its original state and very close to nature. Many are those who visit our islands in the winter (if you can call it winter, with temperatures higher than those in northern European countries during their summer) to enjoy walking through our countryside, talking to the farmers and getting to know the island and its people in the true sense.

The Greek writer, Homer, relates the story of Ulysses who was shipwrecked on our island during his return from the wars. He was marooned on the sandy beach of Ramla, where he met the queen of the island named Calypso. She enchanted him for 7 years where he lived happily with her until the messenger of the gods forced him to return to his beloved wife Penelope. So he left Calypso’s Cave, as it is still known, and went back to his wife after seven happy years on our island.

No wonder why whoever visits our island falls in love with it and unlike Ulysses will keep coming back!

Close to and in the same village of Xaghra, lie the oldest free standing temples in the world which date up to 1000 years before the Pyramids. The temples of Ggantija are world famous and considered as world heritage. Surely a visit to our island is a must both for people who love culture, history and nature.