Other Holidays

Spend your time just the way you like

Diving Holidays

Next to our guesthouse we have a diving school and if you want to discover another world, feel free and we will be able to offer you a try dive in our pool or a wonderful beginner's course which will allow you to discover the wonders of the underwater world. We also offer guided dives both from the shore as well as from one of our boats which can take you to any dive site around the Maltese Islands. Our diving centre, Gozo Diving, has been awarded the PADI EDUCATION AWARD for high standards maintained during courses, as well as, for three consecutive years, 1998, 1999 and 2000, the Tauchen Award for the BEST DIVE CENTRE IN THE MED.

Our centre was featured in a series of underwater documentaries of the Mediterranean Dive Destinations and our documentary was honoured as the Best Documentary in the Med.

Walking or Biking Holidays

Though Gozo is a very small island it offers a good variety of walks through the countryside and round the coast. If you come over Autumn, Winter or Spring, we can offer you a variety of walks with various interests. Summer is not good for walking as it is too hot, while Spring is the best as the countryside is full of wild flowers, some of which grow only on this little island. The same is for moutain biking for those who like to cover a wider area of the island. We have special routes for mountain biking and the island is ideal for that.Important to note that our spring is early as by late April beginning of May it is already harvest time! This is because our winter is very mild and cannot be actually considered as a winter. One can easily say that we have a long autumn and an early spring. This makes our islands a perfect place to make holiday during this beautiful period when nature comes back to life after the long hot and dry summer.

Starting point is always from our guesthouse, and since we are in the middle of the island, it is very convenient. We can help you plan your walks and we are sure that you will meet the people of this lovely island which will make you really feel that you are in Gozo, a place where people still have time to stop and chat. This will help you discover our way of life.

Fishing Holidays

For those who love the sea and like to doing a lot of fishing, we can offer traditional fishing which can vary from deep sea fishing on special Fishing Cruisers for long distance to the coastal fishing with the local fisherman on his traditional fishing boat. On the deep sea fishing trips, the boat will go to about 30 miles out of the island to the fishing ground and fishing will be for tuna, swordfish and occasional marlin.  All fishing tackle will be provided as well as snacks and drinks.  These trips are generally about 6 to 8 hours and clients must be good at sea though we do the fishing trips weather permitting.

These trips are performed during the Lampuki and Tuna fishing season (September to November). Trip will start around 06.00 hrs and customers are advised to wear warm clothes until the sun is high up and the sea air is warm. During the trip out, breakfast consisting of sandwiches with ham or ham and cheese and coffee and juice will be served. The boat will cruise out of the island and will be on fishing grounds in about 1 hour. Here we will find the float and troll the fishing lure around. We will go from one float to another always in the direction out of the islands for about 3 to 4 hours and at about lunchtime, we will cool some of the fish that we catch and serve it round with some nice chilled white wine.

All fishing tackle will be provided but if anyone has his own he is welcome to bring it along. Everyone will have enough time for fishing and we will be fishing on the way out and on the way in. The whole trip will take about 6 to 8 hours.

Note: Trip is performed only if weather permits and captain reserves the right to cancel or alter course for safety purposes.

As for the coastal fishing, we can offer our 40 foot motor cruiser, the same one that we use for the deep sea fishing, for these trips which are normally around the coast of the island of Comino which offers a great variety of fishing grounds due to its reefs and drop offs.  These coastal fishing trips can also include a swim stop at the Blue Lagoon as well and an average of 4 hours are enough.  If time allows, we will also cook the catch on board in the boat’s galley and lunch will be washed down with some good local wine.  This trip can be reapeated as much as one wishes.  This trip is also ideal for families and groups (due to the size and comfort of the boat)  and even very small numbers.

We also offer traditional fishing with a local fisherman on his traditional boat the “luzzu” or “Kajjik”. The maximum number of persons is 4 due to the size of the boat. We will fish with lines on the bottom, with lobster pots, and with the “Nassi” which are fishing pots made of bamboo which are bated with roasted and finely grounded beans and made into a dough in a mixture of sea water, old cheese and anchovies.

When we get enough fish, we will go ashore on the rocks in a remote area and in a sheltered place where we will build a fire from the fire wood and twigs that we bring with us and cook the fish in a big pot according to an old traditional recepie. We will also bbq some of the fish and I can assure you that you will have never tasted anything as fresh as this. The fisherman will also bring some of his self made Gozo wine and we can assure you that you will feel like being out of this world and living in the good old days that many have never experienced. Once the pot is on the fire, one can have a swim and will be called back when the food is ready! This will surely be a day to remember!

This trip can be done even for 2 persons and it is important to book well in advance.

Learning English Language Holidays

Gozo is an ideal place where one can combine a nice holiday with a great opportunity to follow an English Language Course in one of the local specialised schools.

These schools offer various courses at all levels starting from Beginners right up to Advanced levels. They also offer Person to Person lessons (individual teaching) and the course can be tailor made to suit your requirements. This service is very popular with adults and businessman who take specialised courses in Business, Marketing and Public Relations, Medical and Commercial Correspondence etc.

Whatever your tastes are, whatever you like to do, you will always find us ready to help you in the best way that we can.

Painting Holidays

Led by a well known local artist who studied in the Academia Dei Belle Arti of Perugia.

These are painting Sessions in the studio or in the open air to paint beautiful landscapes and local life. These are ideal for elderly people and even young artists. Our island offers wonderful breath taking sites.

If you would like to see the whole gallery, feel free to visit http://www.malteseartist.com/