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We also offer wonderful cruises onboard our boats, the BARBAROSSA SAILING YACHT , JAKE POWER BOAT and the BLUE LAGOON MOTOR CRUISER . Our 35 years of experience in this trade, is your guarantee for an enjoyable trip with us.

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Barbarossa Excursions

For more information please visit: www.Barbarossa-Excursions.com

All our Excursions include picking you up from your hotel in Malta or Gozo and taking you back again after each excursion.

The price for the excursions will include:

  • Transport Hotel/Excursion/Hotel
  • Buffet Lunch incl. Unlimited Wine & Water
  • Service of Excursion Leaders & Explanation in different languages such as: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and other languages on request.
  • Use of Snorkling Equipment during Boat Trips


Please note that all trips are done weather permitting. The captain serves the right to cancel trip or change course for the sake of safety.

Three Islands Sailing Trip

Leaving Mgarr Harbour at 09.30 and back 17.00 hrs.
Leaving Marfa Malta at 10.30 and back 16.30 hrs.

This is a full day trip on board a beautiful motor sailing yacht, the BARBAROSSA, visiting the three islands with stops for swimming and snorkeling at various places.

We will stop at Paradise Bay, Popeye Village, Crystal Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, Mgarr Harbour in Gozo, cruise round Comino and to Armier Bay. Passengers can help the crew to hoist the sails. Trips to the caves and various activities with spot prizes will be organised during this trip full of fun and adventure. Buffet lunch with unlimited wine and water will be served on board.

Combi Tour:
Half Day Sailing Trip round Comino and Half Day Gozo Jeep Safari

Leaving Gozo at 09.30 and back 17.30
Leaving Malta at 10.30 and back on the 17.30 ferry

This adventure will start with a half day sailing trip round the island of Comino with stops for swimming and snorkeling in various bays including the Blue Lagoon on Comino. Masks and snorkels are available on board and free of charge. Free and unlimited Gozo wine and water will be served during the trip.

A Buffet including also unlimited wine, water and fruits will be served for lunch.

After lunch, the boat will berth at Mgarr Harbour where you will find the Jeeps waiting to take you across the Gozo countryside on a Jeep Safari. The tour guide will take you through the hidden roads of Gozo that you would never find on a normal excursion. This way, you will see the real Gozo. You will visit places of great interest and then back to the harbour to take the ferry back to Malta. Clients from Gozo will be dropped at their respective hotels or farmhouses.

Each jeep will have one of our drivers who will explain to you while you are going around the island. On each stop, clients will group up according to their language and there will be explanation in different languages.

If any client wants to drive a jeep himself, he will be welcome and we always leave a jeep or two for this purpose. If no one wants to drive, we provide the driver on the spot. So one can please himself.

We drive one after the other and so it is very safe and we drive slowly so that one and all can enjoy the trip.


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The jeep trip is good for any age as we drive slowly and no dangerous driving is allowed.

Full Day Gozo Jeep Safari

This is a full day Jeep Safari starting with pick up from all hotels in Malta and Gozo and the jeep tour will start around 09.30 from Mgarr Harbour in Gozo.

Each jeep will have one of our experienced drivers who will also explain and give information during the whole trip. At each stop, more information is given in all languages of the clients and this is one of the points that has made the BARBAROSSA JEEP SAFARI the most successful in the Maltese Islands.

Going through different villages, valleys and country roads, the tour will take us to the most beautiful spots and places of interest in the island of Gozo. These will include Qala Belvedere from where we have a birds’ eyeview of the Maltese Arcipelago, Dahlet Qorrot Valley, the village of Nadur, Ramla Valley, the famous Calypso Cave and the oldest free standing temples in the world, those of GGANTIJA TEMPLES!

We will have a mouth watering buffet lunch and one can help himself as much as he can. This nice lunch will be washed down by some nice chilled Gozo Wine from our sun blessed vineyards!

Second part of the jeep tour will take us through some more villages to admire the beautiful scenes of Gozo and passing through the fields down to the picturesque bay of Xlendi where we will have a photo stop and move on to visit the famous Citadel, or better the fortified old city. From here we go to the Stone Quarries where one can watch the quarry men cutting the stone blocks for the building of houses. Our drivers will explain the procedure of this very hard work mostly done by hand. A visit to Gozo is not complete without a stop at the Azure Window and the Inland Sea from where one can also admire the Famous Fungus Rock.

Leaving the Inland Sea we continue on our exciting trip by visiting the salt pans to watch how salt is produced from the sea since the Roman times. Passing through the summer resort of Marsalforn Bay, we will drive on to the harbour of Mgarr where our trip will come to an end.

Transport back to all hotels will be provided.

Full Day Round Comino on board a Motor Cruiser

Starting Mgarr Gozo at 09.30 and back 17.00
Starting Marfa Malta at 10.30 and back 16.30

Trip will go round the whole island of Comino and Cominotto and will make several stops for swimming and snorkeling at Crystal Lagoon, the Caves, Blue Lagoon, St. Nicholas Bay, and Santa Maria Bay. We will make a stop on the island with time for a walk, or a swim off the beach. One may also stop for a coffee, a drink or an ice cream from the terrace of the Club Nautico Hotel (at your own cost).

This trip is ideal for people who cannot swim in deep waters or who have young children, as we stop on the beach and go to places where big boats cannot go.

The boat used for this trip is a 40-foot cabin cruiser and on this trip we limit ourselves to a small number for more comfort and individuality. There is a bathing platform and shower as well as toilet facilities on board.

Full Day Cruise Round Gozo and Comino

Leaving Mgarr Gozoat 10.30 and back at 16.30

Boat will leave Mgarr Harbour and goes round the island of Gozo stopping in several bays for swimming and snorkeling. One can admire the high cliffs of Gozo as well as all the historical watchtowers built by the Knights of St. John. Historical and general information will make this trip even more exciting. We will pass by Mgarr ix- Xini Bay, Xlendi Bay, Fungus Rock, the Azure Window, the entrance to the Inland Sea, Jordan Lighthouse, Wied l-Ghasri, the Salt Pans, Marsalforn Bay, Ramla Bay where Ulysses met Queen Calypso, St. Blas and Dahlet Qorrot as well as a stop at the Blue Lagoon on Comino for our last swim and then back to Gozo.

N.B. Special arrangements for clients staying in Malta. Please ask for details.

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Private Boat Charter

Our company has a 40 foot motor cruiser which is ideal for private boat charter. Many families, find it much better to charter this boat and take it as a private trip rather than join others. This makes it easy for them as they can please themselves to go where they want, stay how long they want and even bring their own food, even though we can provide all they ask for.

This boat is very good for half day trips as the minimum time that it can be chartered for is 3 hours and this time is good enough for a trip round Comino with stops at the caves and lagoons.

Romantic Sunset Trips for Couples

This trip is ideal for couples who like to be just on their own with no one else around.

Clients will be picked up from their hotel so that they do not have to drive and so can easily and safely enjoy some good local wine. After all, the world is fine as seen through wine :)

The skipper will take them first for a swim at the Blue Lagoon and round the caves. A nice Maltese sandwich with some good Gozo Wine and cheese, will be served after which the boat will cruise towards the high cliffs to watch the sun setting in the blue Mediterranean where it will weld the horizon with firey red colours heralding another beautiful summer day.

After taking some breathtaking photos, the skipper will head back to the Blue Lagoon where he will drop the anchor again. While the clients are swimming or enjoying a nice glass of wine, watching the silhouette of Gozo after sunset, the skipper will cook some fresh fish which he will later serve at the table specially set up for this romantic evening with dinner at sea!

The trip will come to an end around 22.00hrs and clients will be driven back again to their hotel.

Price for this trip is 400 euro including dinner for 2 persons. Extra persons will pay a 25 euro per person food supplement while the price for the boat remains the same. Taxi service can be arranged but is not included in the price.

Fishing Trips

Fishing trips can be organised both for deep sea fishing as well as for coastal fishing.

When fishing far out of the island, Deep Sea Fishing, a minimum of 6 hours are needed. Skipper will provide snacks and wine and water as well as all fishing tackle. The type of fish depends on the season. Between June and August, the season is for the Alonga which is from the tuna family and the fish can be up to 15 kilos. From September till November, the fish is the Dorado fish or dolphin fish, and the tuna which can be up to 8 kilos. Very young children are not advised to come on such long trips.

For Coastal Fishing which is less strenuous, 3 hours are a minimum and children can join as well and one can also mix fishing and swimming as most times the fishing is done around the Island of Comino.

All fishing tackle will be provided.

Big Game Fishing

Ferry Service to Blue Lagoon on Comino

We also offer a ferry service to the Island of Comino both from Gozo as well as from Malta.

Departure will be at the agreed time and from the agreed place. Clients will be dropped on Comino and picked up later with a free trip to the caves on the way back.

This is ideal for groups of any size who want to spend the day at the Blue Lagoon or any other beach on the island of Comino.

This trip does not include anything except the ferrying both ways, though transport can also be arranged.

One day Walking on Comino

Ideal for the walking enthusiast. These are better in Spring and Autumn as walking in summer is not so nice due to the heat.

Boat transfer included

Mountain Bike Tours

These are ideal from Autumn till the end of Spring due to the heat of the day. The route can be adjusted to the ability and stamina of the clients and there will be stops for coffee and resting breaks. This is ideal for school groups and clubs and it is a very healthy way of seeing Gozo and keeping fit at the same time. The routes chosen will include stops at places of interest.

Painting Sessions

Led by a well known local artist who studied in the Academia Dei Belle Arti of Perugia. These are painting Sessions in the studio or in the open air to paint beautiful landscapes and local life. These are ideal for elderly people and even young artists. Our island offers wonderful breath taking sites.




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Full Day Walking Tour

Clients will be picked up from their respective hotels in Malta and Gozo. Clients from Malta will have a 30 minutes crossing over to Gozo by private boat or ferry.

On arrival in Gozo, clients will be transferred by minibuses, right up to the Old Citadel (to save us the steep walk up) where our tour will start. From the Citadel one can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the whole island of Gozo and the tour guide will indicate the area to be covered on the specific day.

After going around the Citadel and experiencing the old days gone by, one can also visit some museums such as the folklore, archeological, the Cathedral or even the Gozo Prison. The time allowed at the Citadel is 45 minutes after which we start our walk down to the town of Victoria.

This town, still known as RABAT, from the Arabic name, was given the name of Queen Victoria for her Jubilee. Here we will pass by the open market and an antique shop on the way through the maze of narrow streets. These streets were purposely built very narrow so that in case of attack by pirates, the people could easily block the whole street. Most of the streets are one end and with the houses having a secret exit to another alley so that in case of the pirates getting into the house, the people could escape from the back door into another street. It is very easy to get lost in these back streets behind the Basilika of San Gorg.

After leaving the old part of Victoria, we will walk towards the village of Xewkija which is dominated by the Rotunda Church which is the biggest church in the Maltese islands with its dome being the third largest in the world.  It is also the only church with 2 domes!

Xewkija is a farming village as one will notice while waking through and at the end of the road, we will find the country road that leads to the picturesque bay of Imgarr Ix-Xini. The name of this spectacular bay which looks like a miniature fjord, comes from the event of 1551, when the Turks attached the island of Gozo and from this harbour, they carried away the whole population into slavery. Infact, “Mgarr” is a place where you carry away from or harbour as it was the only harbour in the 15th century. “Xini” is a galley which makes the meaning of the name of the place as the “harbour of the galley”.

When we arrive at Mgarr Ix-Xini, we will find a BBQ being prepared for us and we will all help ourselves to this freshly cooked food washed down by some good local Gozo Wine. In the cold days, we will also have some nice warm soup before the BBQ.

After lunch, we will start on our second half of the walk by going up on to the other side of the bay and walk to the Tower of Mgarr Ix-Xini. This tower, together with many others, were built as “Watch Towers” just to keep an eye on the horizon just in case a pirate ship was heading our way. In this case, the tower keeper, had to light a fire on top of the tower and the smoke would be seen by another tower who would repreat the message. Since from each tower, one could see another one, the message went round very easily and effectively. This would alarm the farmers to run for shelter in the citadel and even hide their animals in secret caves. During this period of time, our islands were very frequently attacked by the pirates who came here not just to take food and water, but also to take people as slaves to row on their ships or to be sold in the North African Slave markets.

From the tower we will walk towards the bay of Xatt l-Ahmar, just below the fortress of Chambray. Here the tour guide will also give information about the name of the historical bay as well as about the nice Fort of Chambray.

Here we start the walk up the hill to meet the road that leads to the harbour of Mgarr and before we get on to the ferry to go back to Malta, we will make a short stop at one of the bars in the harbour for a drink or a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Clients from Malta will take the ferry to Malta while the clients from Gozo will be taken back to their respective hotel or farmhouse.

Important: Being the winter period, clients must provide their own very light plastic rain coat as well as shoes that are adequate for walking. A small rack sack is advisable to carry the personal belongings.

Tour leader will give historical and general information during the walk.

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